The company was founded by Antonio Nota in 1952.In that time, the few quintals of wine produced were mainly sold to Monticello d’Alba and in the surrounding areas.

His son Giuliano, with his belief in the true potential of this company, together with his wife Elide, decided to expand the business by creating a new winery, thus taking the leap into new production and commercial facilities.
The equipment is the result of a fusion of modernityand tradition, a combination necessary to improvethe quality of the wines, with temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks that allow the temperature to be adjusted during fermentation.

The company continues to grow after three generations, with sons Fabrizio and Massimo, both oenologists, and daughter Serena, still in her studies.This passion is also passed on tofuture generations, as is the case with Fabrizio andhis wife Chiara, with little Davide.
“Fifty years have passed since my first grape harvests, I was a young boy and it was obviously all just good fun for me, but I remember that it was a moment of celebration for everyone, a moment of great satisfaction, wherethe fruits of the past year’s labour were harvested.

Great changes have been made over the years, all aimed at improving the quality of the grapes and consequently of the wines, but even up to now, although many years have passed, I still experience the same moments inthe grape harvest.

I feel joy and pride for my children after all the hard work, and for the grandchildren who continue to play, unaware of the fact that much like me, the passion for this work already lies deep within them.

This work was done with many sacrifices and hard work, but it is well rewarded by the satisfaction that one gets when, with wine glass in hand, one can raise the people’s spirits with good cheer”.
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